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The Yuzhu Garden Hotel (Chongqing Yuzhu Huayuan Jiudian) offers superior rooms and specially designed restaurants and clubs. 16 luxurious private rooms seat up to 500. The Jiangba restaurants dish out top class Cantonese and Sichuan cuisines.

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住客评论 938条评论     4.3分/5分 更多
  • Jerryu7974
    The best local
  • jgtong
    Best hotels in Wulong County
  • areypan
    Very satisfied, good location, sister service at the front desk, room clean and tidy. room facing the river scenery is beautiful
  • ccnu2009
    Room OK, breakfast is good, parking is difficult. next to Jiang eight Sichuan dishes taste good
  • e00788792
    It wasn't too bad
  • timge
  • canfu
    Anyway, I feel pretty good! is! truth!
  • linwei1120
    Take the lowest room, spacious and clean, visible white mist Castle Peak Green Mountain
  • rpsxs2007
    A good environment, by Jiang Fang family are satisfied, give praise!
  • e00147649
    Hotel is good
  • gnmmp
    Which is very nice
  • Edensun
    More satisfied with this season, the price has been met
  • jb1639
    Is good, recommended, can do that too!
  • alamile
    Satisfaction right and good
  • dregon88
    All right
  • rymnpf
    At night, good hardware, on the Wujiang River next to the breakfast as we usually live four star hotel, rooms can also
  • yaya1yaya0yaya9
    It wasn't too bad.
  • p_yuan
    County Hotel, more or less!
  • puddingyuan
    Local services and service was good
  • sculptimes
    Claims Conference the next day, we must check out before 10 o'clock, hotel facilities, carpet is broken! is far from the fairy hills and Sinkholes to sew attractions!
  • bingmeat0728
    In Wulong, nice
  • e01923368
    Hotel Jiang Jingfang was good
  • wellcy
    Downtown hotels in town, from the natural bridge and visitor centres is relatively close to the ground ... pretty busy around, eating and it's very convenient. are listed four stars, but the hotel facilities and services are to be improved.
  • gason
    In Wulong County belongs to the good hotel, big room, breakfast was also very good.
  • joy527
    Very good! nice! price is very reasonable! great service!
  • jubing
    Parking is not easy
  • irisy
    County good hotel, good location, quiet at night, can be seen behind River, is convenient to shop around for dinner, the restaurant taste good
  • e02292142
    A little disappointed
  • EVEN1619
    Quite good, but when I first went to a bad attitude at the front desk, more angry, followed by improved ~ overall good!
  • Janeturn
    Hotel should be good local hotel, and the price is good, and the environment is good, the rooms are clean, and overall good!
  • fanliu0701
    Clean facilities aligned
  • dlpwt
    Overall OK, parking in front of the hotel or only 100 metres away.
  • lily611
    Hotel on in road side, side Riverside, side across with road can see side long full green vine vine of wall, around environment is good of, we live street side, floors high also not think noisy. room hardware also also is good has, rooms service restaurant service are fine, we once set has five between room, alone active to we reserved has continuous of five between. we of children cannot eat spicy, so are select in hotel restaurant dinner, restaurant meals taste also line, not spicy of dish also can whole outA table to, let we greatly of satisfaction, price also not your, also provides package offers, dish volume big, second late to dinner encountered negative II layer restaurant was Chang, by communication to we to II layer package between dinner, also no requirements minimum consumption threshold. negative II layer restaurant is Hall, can see Riverview. Hotel away from Wulong attractions has thirty or forty minutes car drive, are not high-speed, if tourism himself didn't and car, also is recommended live attractions near. himself has car live this shop than live attractions affordable have more. againFor said shortcomings; 1. honey tomato with of tomato is whole sent green of not mature of tomato, by communication, this dish to we replaced, later this Green of honey tomato tablets appeared in to we Shang of soup in. 2. Hotel no yard, parking far, we of driver parking more than 10 minutes only back. 3. room shampoo bathing dew with of is Shang wall of press take with loaded, feel like shortcut hotel of equipment. General for, this is a is good of hotel, worth recommended!
  • emilycat
    Wulong is the best hotel in town each time you come and work here
  • altw809
    Riverside living, night, health conditions
  • Lulu road
    Location good, room spacious comfortable, facilities also is complete. compared not satisfaction of is service has, while service personnel attitude lukewarm, on guest handle staying, check out, are very to lukewarm, asked a what stuff is indifferent; on the, hotel parking is in near of parking, not is convenient. but relative County City for, hotel from hardware Shang, are is very rod of, if service can with Shang on can real to worthy of four star star has!
  • jane4909
    Next time
  • e00948654
    Hotel is the best in Wulong County, you can see the River-very good, health can, is the breakfast needs to be improved, there was an extension of time, after all, we are playing in Wulong County.
  • eyes0226
    Friendly, facilities to align staff good service attitude
  • esuper
    February to, first late in fairy mountain frozen have enough, decided to decided down staying has the hotel, meal sense warm. hotel is located in County Center, out on both sides dinner is is convenient, especially out to left 50 meters of that home eat chicken soup of hotel, taste very better. hotel rooms within of implementation meet standard. Hotel Riverview room views very better, night see across building and the bridge of neon reflected with Wujiang River is beautiful.
  • mysunjg
    Hotel security timely help, we found a parking space in the vicinity, it is good to ... pretty busy around, eating shopping more convenient, breakfast was OK.
  • applesilc
    Nice hotel, very comfortable, clean and tidy, or four star, affordable!
  • gummibear
  • raullulu
    Haha to write two sentences at a time, hardware is really not how, service decent, used to live in the hotel's friends come to town to persuade you to come here, don't call other hotels
  • dejecter
    This hotel is the best hotels in Wulong, inexpensive, not low grades, good breakfast, very clean, location is very busy, very recommended stay
  • liangfer
    Nice, next time will come
  • ivytian123
    Good, affordable!
  • JessieTJX
    In the County are very nice hotel, big room, Jiang Jingfang was beautiful
  • alangrace
    Fortunately, not across days Inn camp comfort
  • easylife
    Service and environment is very good, is a good place of residence