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How is that going to chongqing: web celebrity city the second half of the 'red'?

Date: 2019-02-03

Originally, chongqing wansheng ordovician scenic spot for 21 meters cliff swing project, launched a face "regret medicine", on the swing moment, pull you to the top of visitors have a chance to stop the cliff swing swing out, the premise is to donate any amount for a single "regret medicine", donation will be used to help wansheng local needy families.

Ever appear on TV "regret medicine" actually appear in the plot in real tourism scenic spots, still has the efficacy of "regret", really enough to capture a lot of tourists heart of novelty seeking.Dr Liu Jiewu said chongqing wansheng ordovician scenic spot "regret medicine" success is in the control of marketing costs at the same time, using creative manufacturing topics, cause the attention of the market and the hot, also can be accepted by visitors, this is the largest tourism marketing success.

The chongqing wansheng ordovician scenic area was worthy 2018 web celebrity, the glass covered the craze is sweeping the country.As the web celebrity project ground in recent years, chongqing, more and more worthy of "web celebrity city" title.

"Web celebrity chongqing" how "red"?

Web celebrity of chongqing, a boiling hot pot of deducing the HongYa hole and night strike, wear and the river cableway can watch mountain city silhouette, yellow Jue bay interchange is the capillaries in city...All this would be a fascinating and unique scenery.

According to ctrip group released the first half of 2018 chongqing tourism big data report shows, in the first half of 2018, over 260 million domestic and overseas visitors, chongqing tourism revenues of more than 190 billion yuan, tourist hotels, tourism revenue of double-digit growth, increase the top ranked.Among them, after 80, 90 tourists accounted for 39%, after a visitor to chongqing "force".This suggests that chongqing tourism to attract super young groups, they called chongqing "8 d magic city".

In September 2018, national image communication research center of tsinghua university city brand research published in the short video and urban image research paper shows that in terms of city image video, Beijing, Shanghai, leading in number, and a new line such as chongqing, xi 'an city better screened.

Chongqing light rail wear floor video hits over 100 million on the trill, trill divine comedy "in chongqing, you must go to" play the amount more than $38000, rinse mullet video click on more than 100 million, HongYa hole night view, scie

Web celebrity city "after tipping, chongqing big influx of tourists from home and abroad.In 2018, a total of 597 million visitors reception, total revenue of 434.35 billion yuan, compared with 2017 revenue growth of 30%.This year, chongqing tourism market can be called "triumphantly, drama stage".

nce and technology are full of chongqing city "home-sick once more for" five layer building "new representative element", through the platform in a short video, attracts millions of visitors.Chongqing HongYa hole during the Dragon Boat Festival in 2018, the growth of the number of tourists in the 150%.

Past of tourism marketing, understanding of chongqing are stuck in a world famous mountain city.Almost overnight, "web celebrity city" the identity again let its reputation.

"Web celebrity city form.

For chongqing become "web celebrity city" phenomenon, tourism development committee, deputy director of the Qin Dingbo thinks, "this is a process of accumulate over a long period, just in time for 2018 short video opportunity, set off the Internet.For chongqing tourism, from quantitative change to qualitative change process.In recent years, the chongqing government and related departments in chongqing urban tourism image promotion has been in constant adjustment and innovation.Over the past year, we actively encourage local people and tourists to participate, to jointly promote the image of chongqing tourism publicity, which is one of the important reasons."

Face suddenly hot tourism market, the first problem is the tourism market of the product supply situation."Qin Dingbo said, "in 2018, chongqing has developed a large number of home stay facility, to alleviate the pressure of the accommodation;Chongqing food and increase the supervision of food and beverage industry, ensuring the security of the food hygiene;And organize volunteers launched a transfer of the concept of 'civilization tourism activities;At the same time, also provide more humanized service for tourists.For example: a lot of visitors want to enjoy the night scenery of chongqing, we extended the lights at night time."

Tourism research center of Chinese academy of social sciences, secretary general of the king must think: from these cities such as chengdu, chongqing, xi 'an to become a "web celebrity city", it is not difficult to find that tourism gradually expand from scientific and technological research and development - use - use the chain on the middle and lower reaches of enterprises, improve to the upstream.The forefront of science and technology and application, combined with the use of the tourism industry in the first time, being the solution research and development of the industry, and for a huge number of visitors, trial and error, and improve, iteration to form the experience and data from them for other areas and used by industry, has become a tourism and science and technology combined with a new model of tourism and thus formed a united laboratory, for the use of the technology and application of research and development and provide the carrier, the technology characteristic of tourism is obvious.

How long can also "red"?

The word web celebrity, always let a person feel fleeting.When heat retreat, how to maintain web celebrity project heat as well as the depth of mining products system, make it become the content system by web celebrity destination type destination, still thinking is problem by each destination.Chongqing municipal party committee secretary Chen min 'er in the case of "net red-hot" cold "thinking" is proposed.He stressed that "positive attention, timely response to tourists and advice, make high quality tourism, promoting the development of high quality tourism.To enhance the level of tourism services and to improve tourism supporting infrastructure, strengthen the team construction of tourist service, promote large data intelligent depth of application in the field of tourism, tourists to provide quality and efficient of tourism products and services.To arrange travel security on the important position, to strengthen the fire control safety, traffic safety, food safety and other work, strengthen the bearing capacity of scenic spots and tourism security guarantee ability."In addition to security issues, continuously creative tourism is also a test of the tourism marketing."How to keep the heat of the topic is also very important."Said Dr Liu Jiewu, it not only requires cities and scenic area is the core content system, from content system of innovation, and the combination of the hot spots in such as the combination of innovation, the festival hot social innovation, combined with the depth development.At the same time, notice the content system of the construction and upgrade continuously.Delicious of chongqing, the beauty of the chongqing chongqing, magic, can continue the red in 2019?We have to wait and see.